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Spellman Consulting, LLC
— a web development company specializing in Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance


Spellman Consulting, LLC is a SOMWBA certified web development company on Commonwealth of Massachusetts state contract ITS23 as a Technical Specialist. We provide Accessibility consulting, training, and evaluation of Section 508 compliance in addition to our web development services.

Visit our sister web site, Enterprise Accessibility — a web site of accessibility information and tools for web professionals created by Spellman Consulting, LLC. Spellman Consulting, LLC believes in providing attractive accessibility solutions within the existing project and budget. Let us show you our enterprise-wide solutions!


Cub Scout Pack 78 website is supported by Spellman Consulting, LLC. Just in time for Parent Information Night. Good luck, Scouts! (9/21/06)

Reflections in the Garden showcases the artistry and efforts of a landscaping firm specializing in water gardens. (8/10/06)

Spellman Consulting, LLC provides Section 508 compliance testing and solutions to an application developed by iDox Solutions for the Veterans Administration. (7/5/06)

Spellman Consulting, LLC receives SOMWBA certification as a women owned business from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. (5/25/06)

Friends of the Creche is a non-profit organization for creche collectors. It features 3 integrated blogs (News, Crib Sheet Newsletter and Ask the Experts) that allow individual members to publish articles without technical expertise.

Annie Londonderry tells the story of the first woman to bicycle around the world. — a new web site designed by David Minard and developed by Spellman Consulting, LLC. (01/08/06)

Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts showcases a new acupuncture practice, designed and developed by Spellman Consulting, LLC. This dramatic site uses stock photography to eloquently convey the philosophy of the healers. (12/22/05)

TERC, a research company specializing in math and science education, required a new user interface for intranet content management system that met web standards for XHTML strict. After all internal work was done, Spellman Consulting, LLC tested and provided solutions for accessibility compliance for their main website, (12/05/05)


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