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About Spellman Consulting, LLC

Spellman Consulting, LLC is a small web development firm providing web site development and accessibility consulting.

Web Site Development

Spellman Consulting. LLC produces full service web sites primarily for the small business and non-profit sectors. We can produce a low cost, attractive design, or we can work with your graphic designer to code their design. Our sites are characterized by:

Accessibility Consulting

Spellman Consulting, LLC believes in providing attractive accessibility solutions within the existing project and budget. Let us show you our enterprise-wide solutions! We provide analysis of your web development procedures to identify the most cost-effective way to integrate attractive accessibility solutions into your current web site without an expensive Accessibility project. Spellman Consulting, LLC can provide training to your in-house development and Quality Assurance staff to keep your web site accessible on a long-term basis.

Spellman Consulting, LLC goes beyond Accessibility testing by providing specific solutions and code examples to your developers. Most testers can tell you what is wrong. We can tell you how to make it right in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Jeanne Spellman

Jeanne Spellman has been publishing on the Internet since 1989 and produced her first web site around 1993. She has been producing accessible web sites since 2001. As a developer, Jeanne goes beyond the usual Accessibility or Section 508 testing, as she can identify specific code causing the problem and recommend specific solutions.