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Web Accessibility for State Agencies

Spellman Consulting specializes in web site accessibility for users with disabilities. Since the implementation of the federal Section 508 standards for web accessibility in 1998, web sites have increased in complexity as more interactive services are brought online. Spellman Consulting combines assistive technology experience with a technical understanding of web development that can support agencies with complex, dynamic web sites to meet those standards. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts upgraded their accessibility standards in January 2005 to align them with the federal Section 508 standards. Many state web sites are not yet in compliance with the new state standards. Spellman Consulting can provide cost-effective Accessibility compliance.

Spellman Consulting provides detailed analysis of the agency web site to identify accessibility problems. We provide resources for remediation: programming, accessibility training, process engineering or advanced problem solving for specific accessibility needs. We maintain business or subcontracting relationships with people with disabilities who can assist in evaluating accessibility. We promote attractive, dynamic web sites that meet the needs of all users.

Most recently the principal, Jeanne Spellman, contracted with Fidelity Investments to retrofit 300 pages for accessibility compliance. She then contracted with Fidelity Investments for company-wide accessibility evaluations. As part of that project, she trained developers, designers, analysts and QA Engineers in accessibility techniques and put procedures in place for long-term maintenance and accessibility compliance. Spellman Consulting has been developing and testing accessible websites since the 2001 redesign of the website of the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation. Prior to forming Spellman Consulting, Jeanne Spellman provided Assistive Technology support as part of her management responsibilities at Boston College. Jeanne Spellman has been publishing on the Internet since 1989 and brings a wealth of experience and technical knowledge.

Spellman Consulting publishes a web site, Enterprise Accessibility, as a resource for developers, designers, QA Engineers and others interested in Web Accessibility. This site includes tools, information and resources to assist all those involved in the web development cycle to produce accessible, attractive web content.


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Enterprise Accessibility – aresource for developers, designers, analysts and QA Engineers who create accessible web sites.